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April 11, 2013

Sometimes, comparing products and services is easy- shopping aggregators and massive review sites help you contrast key features and benefits in just a few seconds, as well as eliminating unwanted results. If you’re the social type, it’s all too easy to log on to Facebook and post a status (or use the ‘ask a question’ function) to see what your friends and family have to recommend. However, there are some industries in which it is difficult to compare businesses and contractors, because they cannot be reduced down to just a few features. Maybe it’s because what they offer is such a niche product that a side-by-side comparison would be meaningless. Maybe it’s because there are too many independent variables that standard comparison tool plug-ins just can’t deal with. Either way, there are a few tips to take in mind when

Take, for example, the search engine optimization sector. If you want to compare with other provider websites at the same time, you should start with the very platform they focus on- the search engines. Open Google and search for terms such as ‘SEO’ and ‘search engine optimization and ‘search engine marketing’. If the provider you’re considering is good at what they do, they will appear in those results. That should narrow it down at least to ten different companies.

From there, open each potential candidate in a new tab. To toggle between the tabs quickly, hold down the control key (‘ctrl’) and press the tab key. What you should be looking for as a lightning fast first impression is the business name, their brand in terms of placement and image, what their main area of focus is, and how to get in touch with them. Red flags are if their website looks generic (shows a lack of creativity and marketing knowledge), and a lack of local contact details- if an SEO provider simply exists as a shell company, outsourcing their work overseas, they will not have a local office listed. Thirdly, their best and most competitive service features should be easy to identify; instead of having to read through a wall of text, you should be able to see what their main offer is right away. This could mean anything from a short series of graphic buttons to a dot point list of services. This should bring it down to two or three different providers. From here, you just need to look for a few things: price, contract length, and what scope of works are guaranteed. These will vary according to the needs of your business.


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